Africome is a company which specializes in designing tailor-made safaris, expeditions and adventure travels in East and Southern Africa.
Africome is a project born from my experience as a guide in Africa, but above all it’s the realization of an “African dream” that I have lived and cultivated since childhood.Balestrini_Africome_1I was born into a family of publishers. When I was a child I used to get lost in the pages of atlas, travel guides and wildlife books, of which there was never a shortage in our house. This is how I began travelling, with my fantasy and browsing illustrated books, that made me dream of far away, exotic countries. I used to draw maps of Africa that I still treasure. I didn’t even know where it was, but Africa was calling me, or this is what I like to believe.
My first safari in Namibia and Botswana was a real revolution: since then nothing has stayed the same. My love for Africa revealed itself with force and I discovered my passion for photography. A couple of years later, in Namibia, I began to work as a guide.
In the following years I have continued travelling and taking photos in Africa. My personal and professional path has been strictly tied to Africa, even after my university degree in Economics, until Africome was born.Balestrini_Africome_2We are a tribe of guides, travel specialists and craftsmen brought together by our love for Africa. We have travelled and guided safaris through Africa for years, struck by its wild beauty. Africome is our invitation to explore this magic continent with us.
Africome is born out of the desire to share our deep, instinctive passion and to use our knowledge for the purpose of creating experiences that enrich travellers and help preserve Africa, its people and its natural wonders. tells about us, our destinations, our safaris, our guides and our friends in Africa.

Tommaso Balestrini
(Founder and guide of Africome)

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