General conditions

1. Introduction.
By accessing this website (the “Website”) you unconditionally accept to comply with these general terms and conditions of use (the “General Conditions”).
We ask you to duly read this document before proceeding to use the Website.
In case you disagree with the content of these General Conditions, we do not authorize you to use the services provided by our company.
The Website is the exclusive property of our company, Africome S.r.l., VAT no. 08295600962, with registered office in Viale Papiniano 10, 20123, Milan (“Africome”).
Africome carries out activities and provides services, both in Italy and abroad, either directly or in association with third parties, in the tourist industry by designing, planning, organizing and guiding trips, stays, excursions and expeditions in Africa (the “Activity”).
In order to carry out its Activity, Africome enters into strategic partnerships with authorized tour operators entrusted by Africome with booking hotel rooms, issuing flight tickets and performing technical activities other than the Activity.

2. Copyright.
All the contents of the Website, including texts, graphics, logos, icons, layouts, images and any other item (the “Contents”), unless otherwise provided, are the property of Africome or third parties that made them available to Africome in order to ease the performance of its Activity and are protected under the Law no. 633/1941 regarding the protection of intellectual property rights.
Consequently it is strictly forbidden to duplicate, copy or publish in any way whatsoever, even partially, the Contents of the Website, without the previous written authorization of Africome.
Any related request must be submitted to Africome and shall be considered as denied if is not expressly accepted in written by Africome.

3. Use of the Website.
You can use the Contents of the Website for free.
You will be permitted to use the Website for informative and recreational reasons, or in order to submit serious and lawful requests having as object the services of Africome. Consequently, by accepting these General Conditions, you undertake not to submit fake or illegal registrations or requests.
Considering the nature of the Activity performed by Africome, the Website aims at providing the users with information only and does not allow for any online travels booking.
All the itineraries and destinations suggested in the Website must be intended as simple hints aiming at developing inspirations and ideas to be submitted and discussed with Africome in order to develop your own tailor-made trip.
The fulfillment of the online forms contained in the Website, regulated by Africome privacy policy, does not grant the user with any right to receive any service from Africome.
Africome assists its clients personally and consequently it will discretionally evaluate if it is in the position to provide the services requested either at Africome offices or through the Website.
By fulfilling the online forms you provide Africome only with a first indication on the nature of your requests, in order to allow Africome to verify whether if it can take them into consideration or not.
If following the fulfillment of the forms contained in the Website you will not receive any communication from Africome, you should deem your request to be refused by Africome that, otherwise, will contact you in order to plan a first meeting where to discuss your needs and the content of the activity that Africome could provide you with.
Each user registered on the Website is bound to indicate the requested personal information and ensures they are true, correct and updated. You acknowledge to be responsible for any use of the Website by yourself or by who uses your personal data.
For a better information and knowledge about the processing of your personal data, please refer to Africome privacy policy.

4. Limitation of liability.
Within the limits provided by the applicable laws, Africome will not be liable for any damage whatsoever, both direct and indirect, incurred in by the user utilizing the Website.
Furthermore Africome will be liable only with reference to the activities performed by Africome itself. Africome does not bear any liability for any damage that may be caused to you arising from any mistake, malfunction, omission, malpractice whatsoever related to activities performed by Africome partners, provided that you will always be put in the position to identify such partners who will autonomously perform such activities in your interest and to accept or refuse their services.

5. Link to third parties websites.
The Website could contain links to third parties websites. Africome does not control such websites and consequently it cannot be liable for any reason whatsoever for their content. To the related services, which Africome does not bear any liability for, the respective general terms and conditions and privacy policies provided by the owners shall apply.
You acknowledge that the Website could contain links to third parties websites managed by independent providers or resellers. The services offered by such websites could imply the payment of fees. You have to carry out all the appropriate enquiries before proceeding to any transaction in order to verify if these services are provided for free or not. Should the Website provide information about the prices of the services offered by third parties, such prices must be considered as provided for informative purposes only. Africome does not bear any liability for the correctness of this information.

6. Amendments.
Africome reserves the right to amend the Website and these General Conditions at any time.
Africome can amend, suspend or interrupt at any time any service offered through the Website. Africome can at its own discretion limit the use to the whole Website or to some of its sections, as well as to the services, without notice, for technical, commercial and security reasons.

7. Further conditions.
Further terms and conditions, other than these General Conditions, can be applied to specific services provided through the Website.

8. Governing laws.
These General Conditions are governed by the Italian laws.

Privacy policy

1. Introduction.
By using this Website: (the “Website“), owned by Africome with registered office in Viale Papiniano 10, 20123, Milan (“Africome”), you will transfer to Africome a certain amount of your personal data (the “Personal Data“).
Some Personal Data will be acknowledged by Africome through automatic procedures. Some others will be provided voluntarily by you, during the procedures necessary to obtain the services supplied by Africome.
With the present policy, drafted pursuant to the regulations of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the “Privacy Code“), as amended and integrated by the European Regulation 2016/679 about protection of personal data (“GDPR“), Africome, in its quality of controller of your Personal Data, informs you about the purposes and modalities according to which such Personal Data will be processed, as well as about the rights you are entitled to by law.
According to the regulations provided by the GDPR, the processes carried out by Africome will be inspired by principles of legality, correctness, transparency, limitation of the objectives and of the conservation, preciseness, integrity and privacy.
The current policy is given only with regard to the use of the Website and not also to the possible use of other websites that can be reached through the links in the Website.

2. Which personal data we process.
Browsing data.
The IT systems and the software procedures for the functioning of the Website collect during their normal exercise some Personal Data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet communication protocols. They are information that are not collected to be associated to identified subjects but that for their same nature, through elaborations and associations with data held by third parties, could allow to identify the users of the Website.
In such category of data fall, for example, the IP addresses of the devices that connect to the Website, the URI notation addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit it to the server, as well as other parameters related to the operating system and to the IT environment of the user. These data are used to collect anonymous statistical information about the use of the Website and to control its correct functioning or to identify abuses and/or anomalies, and they are cancelled right after their processing. Such data could be used by the competent authorities to check responsibilities in case of IT crimes against the Website.
Data voluntarily provided by the user.
Beside the browsing data of necessary acquisition, you will be free to provide your Personal Data by filling in the request forms in the Website or to sign up for the services of Africome. In this respect, you will be asked to provide only the Personal Data strictly necessary to allow Africome to correctly supply the service from time to time in object. To supply certain services it could be necessary that the Personal Data you transferred to Africome are sent to third parties, which are trusted partners of Africome.
The Personal Data voluntarily provided by you  fall within the category of common data such as, for example, the registry data (name, surname, tax code, address, e-mail, telephone number and other addresses). In this respect we inform you that, should you provide Africome with data of third parties (e.g. family or friends), according to the law regulations in force you will be responsible for such transfer and you will have to keep harmless and indemnified Africome from any damage it may incur due to actions carried out towards Africome by such third parties whose Personal Data have been transferred by you.

3. Purposes of the processing.
The personal data provided by you will be processed in order to:
– supply you with the best possible diligence and timeliness the service requested and carry out the relevant administrative, accounting, tax and legal fulfillments;
– carry out the other Activities directly connected and/or instrumental for the supply of the Africome services;
– comply, in general, with the law obligations;
– send you information and/or commercial notices also related to promotions and/or discounts. The processes with these purposes will be carried out only prior to explicit consent by you and, for example, in form of newsletter and questionnaire of satisfaction about Africome services.
– elaborate possible internal statistics and draft technical papers about the services requested by you.
As anticipated, the transmission of your Personal Data could be from time to time optional or necessary to allow Africome to supply you with the requested services. In case you do not agree with the processing of the data with necessary transfer, Africome will not be able to supply you with any service through the Website.
The Personal Data sent to us will not be sold sold or transferred in any way, for whichever reason, to third parties without your prior and express consent, except from what otherwise provided in this policy.

4. Share and transfer of the Personal Data.
The Personal Data transferred by you to Africome will be shared with third parties only for the above purposes.
Africome will not transfer your Personal Data to third parties different from those indicated in the present information. During our Activities – and only for the same purposes listed in the present information – your Personal Data could be transferred to the following categories of recipients:
– our collaborators and employees, within their relevant tasks connected to the supply of the services requested by you;
– the partners supplying the products and services of Africome;
– other individual and/or legal entities, public and/or private, when the communication is necessary or functional for our Activity;
– all the subjects whose faculty to access the Personal Data is granted by law regulations;
– the other subjects, also foreigner, that Africome uses for the sole purpose of carrying out the Activities described above.
Your consent, that is considered as given through the conscious use of the Website, refers, beside the processing, the communications and the transfers made by us, also to the specific processes, communications and transfers made by such subjects, that will operate as independent controllers.
We inform you that the same modalities and procedures of processing of Personal Data indicated in the present policy will be used also when the Personal Data will be notified – in Italy or abroad – to the subjects indicated above, who on their side are committed to process them according to the law regulations in force.

5. Modalities of processing and protection.
In relation to the purposes above indicated, your Personal Data will be processed digitally and/or on paper, in compliance with the regulations provided by the GDPR. The processing operations will be carried out in order to guarantee the physical security and the privacy of your Personal Data, according to the regulations provided by article 32 of the GDPR. Africome has arranged technical and organizational measures adequate to the sufficient level of security and privacy of the Personal Data, also in order to protect them from possible destructions, alterations, disclosures or accesses not authorized both of accidental and illegal nature.

6. Storage times of your Personal Data.
Without prejudice of your right to object to the processing of your Personal Data and/or to request the cancellation, Africome will store your Personal Data only for the time strictly necessary to achieve the goal for which they have been collected and received and to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements.
In case of termination for whichever reason of the processing of the Personal Data transferred by you, the data will be destroyed or stored, but the will not be used anymore for a systematic communication or for the dissemination or stored or given to another controller, only for historical, statistical and scientific purposes, in compliance with the law, the regulations and the national and European legislation.

7. Your rights under the law.
The rights connected to the Personal Data processed by Africome, indicated in the articles 15 and following of the GDPR, are the following:
Right to correction. You are entitled to obtain from Africome the correction of the Personal Data regarding you and communicated to us. Africome undertakes to act diligently, so that the Personal Data in its possession are precise, complete, updated and appropriate, according to the most recent information in its possession.
Right to limitation. You are entitled to obtain limitations of the processing of the Personal Data should:
– you challenge the exactness of your Personal Data in possession of Africome;
– the processing be illicit and you decide not to request the cancellation, but to limit their use;
– it not be necessary anymore for Africome to store your Personal Data;
– the Personal Data be necessary for you for the assessment, the exercise or the defense of a right in court.
Right to access. You are obviously entitled to request to Africome information about your Personal Data stored by the same, including the information on which categories of Personal Data Africome possesses or controls, for which purpose they are used, how they have been collected and to whom they have been eventually communicated. In this case, Africome shall send you the summary of your Personal Data possessed by Africome, in a format that is structured, of common use and readable from automatic device.
Right to portability. Further to your explicit request, where technically possible, Africome will transfer your Personal Data to a different controller.
Right to cancellation. You are entitled to obtain from Africome the cancellation of your Personal Data should:
– such Personal Data be not necessary anymore in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected or otherwise processed;
– the Personal Data have been processed illegally;
– you have withdrawn your consent to the processing and there not be any legal base for the compulsory processing;
– you have successfully objected to the processing of the Personal Data;
– the Personal Data have to be cancelled to comply with a legal obligation.
The right to the cancellation does not apply should the processing be necessary to comply with a legal obligation or to execute a task in the public interest or to assess, exercise or defend a right in court.
Right to file a complaint. In case of supposed violation of the privacy legislation in force, you are entitle to file a complaint to the competent Control Authority (Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data) at the address:, this pursuant to article 77 of the GDPR.

8. Modalities of request of information and of withdrawal of the consent to processing.
You can exercise the rights under the previous paragraphs, alternatively, by sending a registered letter to the following address: Africome S.r.l., Viale Papiniano n. 10, 20123 Milano, or an e-mail to the following address:, accompanied by a copy of your identity document. At the end of this operation, in case of withdrawal of the consent to processing, your Personal Data will be cancelled from our digital files. However, in case of requests clearly groundless or eccessive, also for their possible repetition, Africome could charge you with a reasonable fee, according to the administrative expenses incurred to manage your request.

9. Modifications to the present privacy policy.
Africome reserves the right to amend or to simply update the present policy, either according to further events regarding itself (e.g. transfer of the seat, change of Africome activities, implementation of new services or inclusion of Africome among the subjects obliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer), or further to amendments or integrations of the law regulations in force.
Any amendments or integrations of the present law regulations will be notified to you through the communication channels usually used by Africome.

10. Data controller and references for the protection of the Personal Data.
In order to exercise the rights under article 7 of the Privacy Code and under articles 15 and following of the GDPR, you can contact the data controller: Africome S.r.l., with registered office in Viale Papiniano n. 10, 20123 Milano, Telephone 02 48519317, Email
The contact person for the protection of the Personal Data is Mr. Tommaso Balestrini, Telephone 02 48519317, Email
Africome does not fall within the category of the subjects obliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

Cookies policy

According to the provision of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (the “Guarantor“) of 8 May 2014 regulating “the identification of simplified modalities for the policy and acquisition of the consent for the cookies use”, as well as according to the regulations provided by the GDPR, Africome informs you that this Website makes use of cookies in order to make its services as efficient and simple to use as possible.
Cookies are text files sent by our Website and stored in the directory of users browser.

These are the cookies used on our Website:

pll_languagepersistent1 year
_gathird party2 years
_gidthird party1 day

First parties or third parties cookies.
First of all the cookies are divided in “first party” cookies (e.g. first party cookie) and “third party” cookies (e.g. third party cookie), depending on the website or on the domaine they come from.
First party cookies are substantially the cookies set or managed by the owner of the website who is browsing at a certain time.
With regard to these cookies, the obligations of drafting the policy, of acquisition of the user consent and of providing the possibility for the user to stop the transmission, are to the charge of the owner of the website that the user is browsing.
Third party cookies are set up by a domaine different from the domaine that the user is browsing.
With regard to these cookies, the obligations of drafting the policy, of acquisition of the user consent and of providing the possibility for the user to stop the transmission, are to the charge of the owner of the third party, while the owner of the website is only obliged to insert in the website the link to the third party website, if such elements are available.

Purpose of the cookies.
There are different types of cookies, but substantially the main purpose of a cookie is to improve the efficiency of the websites and to enable certain functions that generally aim to improve the user browsing.
Among the main functions of the cookies there are to (i) improve the efficiency of the browsing, (ii) store the user ID and preferences, as to simplify the following browsing of the website, (iii) avoid to enter the same information (e.g. user ID and password) while browsing on the website, (iv) check the use and managing of the services by the users, both in order to upgrade the browsing activity and the services, and for statistical purposes, (v) place advertising information tailored to the interests and behaviour of the user while browsing.
Pursuant to the current legislation, some purposes of utilization of the cookies could imply the consent of the user.

Cookies categories.
There are different types of cookies. Here below are listed the types of cookies that could be used in the Website.

a) Technical cookies. These cookies are necessary for the Website to work correctly. Should they be disabled, we could not duly provide the user with our services. Therefore the technical cookies are always used, regardless of the user preferences. The cookies of this category are always sent from our domaine.
Technical cookies can be divided in (i) functional cookies, enabling the user to browse the Website according to selected criteria in order to improve the quality of the services provided through the Website, (ii) browsing or session cookies, allowing to browse and use the Website correctly and (iii) cookies analytics, used by the Website manager only, aiming at collecting information, in aggregate and anonymous way, about the number of the users and their browsing of the Website.
The Website makes use of the following technical cookies:
ppl_language (multilingual wordpress)

b) Own or third parties analytics cookies. The cookies of this category are used to collect information about the use of the Website. Africome, as well as the other owners of websites, uses such information to perform statistical analysis, to improve the Website and make its use more simple, as well as to monitor the correct functioning. The cookies of this category include both session cookies and cookies to measure the interaction. This type of cookies collect information anonymously about the users activity in the Website, on the way the user reached the Website and on the pages browsed by the user. The cookies of this category are sent by the Website itself or by third parties domaines.
Africome uses third parties analytics cookies and specifically:
Google Analytics, a web-analytics service provided by Google. The information generated by such cookies about the use of the Website are transmitted to Google that uses such information in order to perform statistical evaluations about the use of the Website. Google may transfer such information to third parties only if required by laws or in case third parties process the above mentioned information on behalf of Google. Africome avails itself of the users IP anonymization function provided by Google described at the following link:
Therefore Google does not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google and we have not granted Google with the permission to use the information collected through the Google Analytics. Based on the assumption that Google Analytics are third parties cookies, Africome suggests you to read the Google privacy policy related to Google Analytics to know more in depth the processing of your data also personal processed through such cookies. The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google as provided indicated in the policy at the following link:
Due to the protections put in place, the Website does not imply the express authorization of the users in order to make use of Google Analytics and its cookies. At the following link you can find out how to neutralize Google Analytics.

c) Own or third parties profiling cookies. Such cookies allow the Website to monitor the browsing of the user also, but not only, in order to place advertising messages and/or to offer services according to the preferences shown by the users while browsing through the Website. The use of such cookies must be expressly authorized by the user. The Website makes use of profiling third parties cookies.
The Website makes use of the following third parties cookies:
_ga (google analitycs)
_gid (google analitycs)

d) Cookies to integrate third parties functions. This type of cookies are used to integrate functions of third parties in the Website (e.g. forms for comments or social networks icons that allow the users to share the content of the Website). The cookies of this category can be sent from the domaines of partner websites or that however offer the functions of the Website (e.g. cookies of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.).
The Website does not use the cookies of this category.

Data transfer
Except for the technical cookies strictly necessary for the standard browsing, the transfer of the data is forbidden unless authorized by the user, who decides to browse on the Website having acknowledged the short policy contained in the specific banner.
Each user may prevent cookies from being installed by maintaining the banner active (preventing from closing it by clicking ”ok”), or by using the appropriate browser settings.
The majority of browsers are set up as to allow cookies unless instructed otherwise. Consequently Africome suggests you to verify the cookies setting of your browser and to modify them according to your preferences. Please note that the neutralization of cookies on your browser could prevent the correct functioning of certain areas of the Website that require their use.
Each browser implies different procedures in order to manage its settings. The user can find specific instruction at the following links.
Microsoft windows explorer:
Google chrome:
Mozilla firefox:
Apple safari:

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