Safari of Lapo and Virginia

Get lost and find yourself!

Three adjectives for Your Journey :

Surprising, overwhelming, deeply moving.

The biggest thrill :

It’s hard to say, maybe getting in touch with children. We brought along pens, coloured pencils and notebooks as gifts. When for the first time we met some children, it was a fantastic feeling. It’s impossible not to fall in love with their smiles and their happy eyes. It was really moving.

A special sighting :

Once we were still in the car close to a waterhole in the Etosha National Park, when some twenty thirsty giraffes got near to drink. We observed them for a long time: they were slow, suspicious and uneasy when bending towards the water. We felt like kids for a suspended time that felt endless.

A breathtaking view :

Sossuvlei in the Namib Desert, a must-see for those who love the desert. Endless purple dunes stand out against the cobalt blue of the sky. We were lucky enough to go there, just the two of us, at sunset. It was a wonderful experience.

The greatest teaching :

This journey taught us to wait, think and share.

A fear that you passed :

No doubts: the phobia of insects.

A small thing :

An English couple. She was originally from Zambia, he was born in Pakistan. Wonderful people whom we met accidentally more than once in different places during the journey. Unexpected, unusual and wonderful encounters.

Your guide :

We travelled in self-drive, but all the guides of the camps and lodges where we stayed were kind, smiling and passionate people, eager to share their knowledge and the love for their land.

One thing I do again :

The balloon safari on the Namib Desert. The sparkling air at dawn, the sun peeking through the mountains, the smoothness of the flight, the silence and the thrill of vertigo. It was a unique, magical experience, really surprising.

Field favorite and why :

Wolwedans Dune Lodge because it’s an incredible place in the middle of nowhere, charming and rich in tradition. Few guests, excellent service, refined and sublime cuisine. Lucky those who can say at least once in a lifetime: “I’ve been there”.

Africa : before and after the trip :

Before: it was a wish, a “blind date” of some sort, a tale we had listened to many times. People talk about their “Africa bug” and you wonder what it is. After: Africa is life and colour. It’s a new Eden, rich with encounters, images and emotions. You feel like an explorer discovering a new world, but very ancient, rich in wonders and endless peace. And what about the “Africa bug”? It’s like a sweet homesickness that overwhelms you when you come back home and from time to time leads you back to Africa.

The safari Lapo and Virginia

  • Destination: Namibia
  • Lifespan: 14 days
  • Partecipants: honeymooners
  • Period: June - July
  • Itinerary: Namib Desert (3 days), Swakopmund (2 days), Damaraland (4 days), Etosha National Park (4 days), Okonjima (1 day)