Safari of Roberto, Anna and Marina

Our Africa

Three adjectives for Your Journey :

Emotional, enchanting, dynamic.

The biggest thrill :

Meeting the Bushmen: walking with them in the Kalahari Desert made us discover a new way to see and live the earth, going back to the essence of life and being deeply bonded with a simple exchange of glances and smiles.

A special sighting :

A serval, with its black-spotted coat and his flaming glance. But also a little meerkat who decided to use our heads as a lookout spot. We could not separate from him. And how we can forget about that elephant that came to visit us in the middle of the night at Machaba Camp: we were sitting in the veranda of our tent, enchanted and excited like kids, and it was standing like a giant in front of us, enlighted by the full moon, with its tusks pointing to the sky.

A breathtaking view :

The sunset on the Okavango Delta which fills you up with gratitude and sweetness. The sunrise in the Kalahari that invades the sky, tearing up the night with its warm colors. The full red moon that rises at the horizon on the way home. The starry sky in the dark nights, or the blue one in the sunny days, dotted with white clouds, so close that it seems you can touch it.

The greatest teaching :

Africa open up your senses and, without realizing it, it brings you being totally open, in and out. It creates a new space inside of you, that fills up with energy and transforms you. We learnt that slowing down makes you aware, and awareness sets you free.

A fear that you passed :

To make those choices, those life changes that, like a journey, are like leaps of faith.

A small thing :

The music of crickets, frogs and other animals that sing during the African nights until the sunrise.

Your guide :

We had not just one, but four guides who carried us, step by step, in the heart of Africa: Bone, Albert, Kobs and Joel. All were different, but equally thoughtful, knowledgeable and willing to share their passion for nature and for their land. We were lucky and very privileged to discover the wonders of Botswana through their eyes, their words and their smiles.

One thing I do again :

Walking with the Bushmen in the desert and enjoy the sunset in company of the meerkats. Sitting by the fire in the Okavango Delta, listening to the songs and the tales of Xugana Island Lodge women.

Field favorite and why :

Camp Kalahari: wonderful tents floating in the desert, feeling like you are in the centre of the Earth. Xugana Island Lodge: built on an island in the heart of Okavango Delta, where everything is slow, calm and peaceful.

Africa : before and after the trip :

Before: a recurring dream and a voice calling. After: Africa heals, regenerates and transforms. It amplifies senses and emotions. It enriches your soul. The Africa bug gets you before leaving it, and when you go back home, it continues to give you love and energy.

The safari Roberto, Anna and Marina

  • Destination: Botswana
  • Lifespan: 8 days
  • Partecipants: family of 3 people
  • Period: March - April
  • Itinerary: Makgadikgadi Pans (2 days), Okavango Delta (4 days), Chobe National Park (2 days)