Safari of Giuseppe and Francesca

You never forget your first Africa!

Three adjectives for Your Journey :

Adventurous, exciting, unforgettable.

The biggest thrill :

In the Kalahari: the first lion finally sighted at night, after following its tracks for a whole afternoon.

A special sighting :

A family of 7 lionesses in the Okavango Delta: it was a thrill seeing them playing together, teasing each other, lying in the sun and drinking.

A breathtaking view :

The Okavango Delta seen from the helicopter during a scenic flight from Sable Alley. Seeing from the air the amazing colors of the delta and the animals moving in this endless space was a magical experience, that we recommend to everyone.

The greatest teaching :

How delicate and exciting the (perfect) balance of nature is.

A fear that you passed :

To be a few steps away from an elephant. They are giants and they make an impression up close! Actually it is not a fear that we have completely overcome, but we have learnt to manage it.

A small thing :

Every single moment when we looked around sitting in our jeep: wonderful landscapes, sunsets never seen before, different scents, animals so close. All the smallest and simplest things in Africa are just wonderful.

Your guide :

Your never forget also your first guide! Ours, Kyle, at San Camp was much more than a guide: he was our inspiration to discovering Africa.

One thing I do again :

Everything! If we have to tell one, the helicopter flight over the Okavango Delta.

Field favorite and why :

All the camps were extraordinary but the first one, San Camp in the Kalahari, will stay in our hearts for its elegant white tents and classy, tasteful furnishings.

Africa : before and after the trip :

Before it was a journey among many. Now it is a passion and the destination of many more trips that we cannot wait to plan!

The safari Giuseppe and Francesca

  • Destination: Botswana, Zimbabwe
  • Lifespan: 7 days
  • Partecipants: 2 honeymooners
  • Period: August
  • Itinerary: Makgadikadi Pans (2 days), Okavango Delta (4 days), Victoria Falls (1 day)