Mobile camping safaris

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In Africa life never stops, animals move according to the sun and the seasons, ancient cultures thrive in the most remote places. Mobility is a key element of every safari and, in case of mobile camping safaris, it becomes the essence of the journey.
Moving together with your camp through wild and exclusive areas, in absolute freedom, means to arrive before the others and, above all, where the others can’t get. It means to be part of a modern expedition, where the camp and everything that surrounds it become your small piece of Africa.


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The essential safari

An essential safari by definition, where luxury resides in a camp that follows you. As it used to be in the old times, every morning the camp disappears and appears again at night, as if by magic, in a different place. In between your safari, kilometers of unexplored bush and surprising encounters. The comfortable mobile tents. The camp kitchen, kingdom of your personal bush chef. The dedicated staff. The fire that lightens the camp after sunset. The wildest nature. It is all included, all at your exclusive disposal, part of a private experience to share with your fellow adventurers.

Always on the move

Being always on the move allows to maximize your safari experience. The connection with nature is deep and steady. The day is entirely dedicated to exploration. The camp is mobile and there’s no routine. The journey freely follows the sequence of natural events or just an inspiration born around the fire. New paths are traced, always moving forward. A mobile camping safari goes far beyond the ordinary of the classic lodge safari. Choosing it means to accept an exciting challenge, whose reward is in finding yourself and reconciling with nature.

Mobile camping safaris: our favourites
Mobile camping safaris: our favourites

Born to be wild Lower Zambezi National Park (Zambia) - From € 500 per person per night

From € 500 per person
A fly-camping safari along the Zambezi River, in one of the wildest and most remote parks of Southern Africa, to go back to basics, catch the essence of nature and become part of it.

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When safaris are for everyone Botswana - From € 445 per person per night

From € 445 per person
An exciting expedition in some of the most beautiful parks and reserves in Botswana, staying in mobile camps equipped and accessible also to people with physical disabilities.

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