Sky and water safaris

Go with the flow

Leave the world behind, take your feet off the earth and change perspective. A sky or water safari means looking at Africa and its wonders with different eyes. Air and water are at the same time the means and the place of the journey, floating platforms with views of unique landscapes and legendary creatures.

In flight and on the water you can see what you miss on the ground, capture open spaces in one glimpse and hidden details, enter new worlds. Different yet similar experiences where elements become protagonists of the journey.


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Africa from above

From above Africa acquires a new dimension, flying over it at low altitude allows to appreciate its majestic vastness and infinite details. Rivers, mountains, sand dunes and herds of animals design patterns with surprising shapes and colours. Planes are commonly used for transfers from one lodge to the other. Helicopters can reach remote places because it can land almost anywhere. Hot-air balloons float above the dunes and fly over spectacular migrations. They are all safe and reliable means of transport, driven by experienced “bush pilots”, available for quick transfers and scenic flights, but also for real flying safaris. An experience of absolute freedom painted with the blue of the African skies.

Cruising into the wild

The big African lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and the volcanic lakes of the Rift Valley. The legendary Nile River. The Zambezi and the rivers of Southern Africa. The maze of channels and lagoons of the Okavango Delta. Africa is not only a land of savannah and lush forests, but it is also the water of its lakes and of its slow rivers. A boat or canoe safari is a trip aimed at discovering an enchanted world. Leave the mainland and slip into a silent planet, under the watchful eyes of crocodiles and hippos. Enjoy the spectacle of the animals drinking and of hundreds of bird species, a true joy for birdwatchers. It is a different safari, more intimate and gentle. An adventure rocked by the sweet African waters.

Sky and water safaris: our favourites
Sky and water safaris: our favourites

Canoeing on the Selinda Spillway Linyanti (Botswana) - From € 680 per person per night

From € 680 per person
An authentic canoe expedition in the remote Selinda Reserve, zigzagging among water lilies, hippos and elephants, with overnight stay in small dome tents.

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Flying adventure to the Skeleton Coast Namib Desert (Namibia) - From € 1890 per person per night

From € 1890 per person
An extraordinary fly-in safari over the dunes, the shipwrecks and the other wonders of the legendary "Skeleton Coast", with overnight stay in small private camps.

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Heli-safari to the discovery of Kenya Kenya (Kenya) - From € 4350 per person per night

From € 4350 per person
One of the most original and exclusive safaris in Africa, heli-flying along the most scenic routes and reaching the most remote and inaccessible destinations of Northern Kenya.

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