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Into the wild

A wildlife safari in Africa is total immersion in nature. It is the most natural experience ever, still it goes beyond ordinary. It allows you to reclaim your place in nature, among small insects and big mammals. You are part of nature. Senses become acute, hierarchies are overturned. Everything is surprise, emotion, adventure.
Travelling through some of the wildest and most spectacular landscapes on the planet while viewing extraordinary creatures in their natural environment and contributing to their conservation. A wildlife safari is all this and much more.


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Close encounters

The great protagonists of a wildlife safari in Africa are the animals and their behaviour. The “Big Five”. Great predators and their preys. The great migrations. Rare and elusive species. The struggle for survival in the savannah. The secret life of the cloud forests. A wildlife safari offers the unique opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat, getting close to them with respect as hosts of a different, magical world. These are close encounters, almost one to one, no longer an exclusive privilege of photographers and filmmakers. It is a dream come true also by choosing the best places, seasons and guides, to live to the fullest the adventure of a lifetime.

Life-long learning

As humans we have our roots in Africa. Here nature is wild as it was at the beginning of time, but it is also hospitable, generous and friendly. We like to think of Africa as an open-air classroom and of safari as a life-long lesson that interests everyone, children and adults of all ages. Ecology, biology, zoology, botany and geology are subjects we deal with on a daily basis. Guides are exceptional teachers who incessantly stimulate curiosity and learning of their guests. Most virtuous lodges also educate to respect nature and actively contribute to its conservation. A wildlife safari in Africa is an adventure in the name of discovery and encounter with diversity.

Wildlife safaris: our favourites
Wildlife safaris: our favourites

The Great Migration Serengeti National Park (Tanzania) - From € 660 per person per night

From € 660 per person
An epic mobile camp safari along the routes of the great wildebeest migration, to witness in the front row one of the most extraordinary natural spectacles on the planet.

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Tracking the black rhino Damaraland (Namibia) - From € 350 per person per night

From € 350 per person
A safari that offers the unique opportunity to approach on foot the black rhino in its natural habitat and to learn about the projects of Save The Rhino Trust for its conservation.

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