Safari of Lorenzo and Eleonora

A honeymoon into the wild

Three adjectives for Your Journey :

Charming, intense, free.

The biggest thrill :

Our first encounter with a leopard, during a night safari, and with a cheetah walking in the savannah, both at Chitabe Camp in the Okavango Delta.

A special sighting :

It was morning when, during a safari at Chitabe Camp, we came across two lions that were climbing a tree to steal a dead impala, the former prey of a leopard. After descending the tree in a clumsy way, the two lions were joined by the rest of the pride and had breakfast eating the poor impala.

A breathtaking view :

Medjumbe Island seen from the aircraft just before the landing.

The greatest teaching :

During our safari we have discovered how “clever” is nature and how perfect is the cycle of life. Every creature is “built” to survive in its habitat – the mimetic ability of animals is amazing – and in nature nothing is wasted: death gives birth to something new.

A fear that you passed :

Phobia of insects.

A small thing :

The sound of the sea at Medjumbe, the soundtrack of our dinners on the beach.

Your guide :

Allen, our guide at Xugana Island Lodge, for his sympathy and his deep knowledge of nature.

One thing I do again :

A game drive in the Chitabe Concession: so many animals, above all predators, always in action.

Field favorite and why :

Chitabe Camp because it’s fully immersed in nature, true and wild, with five star tents and service.

Africa : before and after the trip :

It was our first safari in Africa. Before leaving we were excited, we didn’t know what we should expect. Back home the nostalgia of Botswana horizons and the deep blue of the Mozambique sea overwhelmed us.

The safari Lorenzo and Eleonora

  • Destination: Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia
  • Lifespan: 15 days
  • Partecipants: honeymooners
  • Period: October - November
  • Itinerary: Okavango Delta (4 days), Chobe National Park (2 days), Livingstone (2 days), Johannesburg (1 day), Medjumbe Island (6 days)