Safari of Gianvittorio, Matteo e famiglie

Camping rocks!

Three adjectives for Your Journey :

Joyful, scented, unforgettable.

The biggest thrill :

Living this adventure all together, family and friends. Seeing our kids getting all excited in front of an elephant or running freely in the wild, like they were at the park by our house. Laughing and joking by the fire at night.

A special sighting :

Observe a clan of spotted hyenas with their youngsters by their den at night, lightened only by the spotlights.

A breathtaking view :

Impossible to choose one. From the Zambezi River to the Okavango Delta, we were lucky enough to enjoy many beautiful landscapes, lit up by the sunrise or the sunset and animated by the animals in the background.

The greatest teaching :

We learnt to appreciate and respect the silence and the rhythms of nature, that during the trip we have made our own.

A fear that you passed :

The fear of insects and snakes, but just because we did not find any!

A small thing :

The company of the fire, always on at night and in the morning.

Your guide :

We travelled by road on a Land Cruiser from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to Maun in Botswana. The vehicle was driven by Grant, a local guide, while Tommaso, always present and attentive, was our private guide.

One thing I do again :

No doubt the mobile camping in Savute, in the Chobe National Park, because it gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves completely in nature and to better appreciate the safari experience.

Field favorite and why :

Still our mobile tented camp, rustic but fascinating, and above all genuine.

Africa : before and after the trip :

Before some of us thought that African parks were a sort of “open-air zoos”, after we realized that they are wild places, just waiting to be discovered, and the safari experience, looking for animals, is authentic and full of surprises.

The safari Gianvittorio, Matteo e famiglie

  • Destination: Botswana, Zimbabwe
  • Lifespan: 11 days
  • Partecipants: 2 families of 4 and 5 people
  • Period: August
  • Itinerary: Victoria Falls (2 days), Chobe National Park (4 days), Okavango Delta (5 days)