Safari of Matteo and Aurora

Connect to nature!

Three adjectives for Your Journey :

Intense, moving, unique.

The biggest thrill :

It is difficult to choose one: the bond between two lion brothers, that just met after seeking each other for several days, or between two lionesses that we observed playing for long before falling asleep on a tree; the loyalty, the connection and the protective instinct of the elephants towards the herd and their babies; the returns to the lodge on late afternoon, when the light of sunset covers the landscape like a golden blanket; the silence, the breathtaking sunsets.

A special sighting :

We were having a mid morning coffee break with our guide. Around us there were plenty of impala that suddenly freezed and stared at a point in the distance. Looking in that direction with the binocular, we spotted our first leopard. We got closer and he was there, perfectly camouflaged on a tree, feeding on a monitor lizard.

A breathtaking view :

The sunset on the lagoon in front of Mapula Lodge, with a big red sun setting behind the silhouettes of thirsty elephants.

The greatest teaching :

Learn to wait. Get rid of the unnecessary. The respect for nature and its endless beauty.

A fear that you passed :

The fear of the unknown sounds of the night.

A small thing :

Falling asleep, or at least trying, with the roar of a lion. It was so loud that it seemed behind our tent.

Your guide :

More than one. All kind, passionate and very knowledgeable.

One thing I do again :

The mokoro excursion at Mapula Lodge, among elephants and hippo, guided by Lio who was telling us the story of his family and of his village.

Field favorite and why :

Each camp was perfect in its own way, but our favourite remains Mapula Lodge: intimate, magic, romantic, in a special location and with very good cuisine.

Africa : before and after the trip :

Before the desire and lots of curiosity, we dreamt for long about this trip. After, a very strong and almost inexplicable bond. Leaving Africa has been like leaving home. Now we need to go back, hopefully soon.

The safari Matteo and Aurora

  • Destination: Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe
  • Lifespan: 11 days
  • Partecipants: honeymooners
  • Period: August
  • Itinerary: Cape Town (4 days), Okavango Delta (5 days), Victoria Falls (1 day), Johannesburg (1 day)