Safari of Bianca, Camilla and Caterina

Friends of Zimbabwe

Three adjectives for Your Journey :

Unique, amazing, unforgettable.

The biggest thrill :

Watching a pride of 11 lions first resting and later on stalking a giraffe in the Hwange National Park, and then finding out from our guide that it was actually the famed Cecil’s pride. Listen to the story of Cecil, the lion shamefully poached at the park’s borders in 2015, was as exciting as finding his pride and descendants.

A special sighting :

We were driving back to Somalisa Acacia Camp after the sundowner, happy and still excited for the lions sighting, when another vehicle of the camp informed us about another sighting. We quickly reached the spot, pointed our binoculars and here they are: two beautiful cheetah lying on a termite mound.

A breathtaking view :

The colours, the water shades and the jagged shorelines of Lake Kariba seen from the air.

The greatest teaching :

In case of encounters with wild animals: whatever you do, don’t run!

A fear that you passed :

The fear of the darkness.

A small thing :

The baboon spider, better know as tarantula: a huge hairy and venomous spider that one night we found hiding in the cavity of a tree log.

Your guide :

Our private guide was Tommaso: thoughtful, knowledgeable and easy-going. It felt like we were traveling with a friend.

One thing I do again :

Sitting at night on our tent’s veranda and lighting up the bush with the torch in search of wild animals.

Field favorite and why :

Somalisa Acacia Camp, mainly because of the incredible encounters with the elephants regularly moving through the camp and drinking from the swimming pool a few meters away from you.

Africa : before and after the trip :

Before we were a bit scared also because it was our first safari. After we were really happy and excited about the journey, and we are already missing Africa a lot.

The safari Bianca, Camilla and Caterina

  • Destination: Zimbabwe
  • Lifespan: 7 days
  • Partecipants: 3 friends
  • Period: July
  • Itinerary: Victoria Falls (1 day), Hwange National Park (2 days), Lake Kariba (2 days), Mana Pools National Park (2 days)