&Beyond Benguerra Island

Bazaruto Archipelago

A barefoot luxury lodge, exclusive and romantic, tucked into the lush vegetation and overlooking the calm waters of a secluded bay on Benguerra Island.


On a palm-fringed beach of Benguerra Island, part of the Bazaruto Archipelago.


10 casinhas, 2 cabanas and 3 casa familia wood and thatch built, all with private veranda, en-suite bathroom and plunge pool. Facilities include a spa and a dive centre.


Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, dhow excursions, beach picnics, horse riding and island explorations on 4×4 open vehicle.


The waters of Bazaruto Archipelago are to home one of the last remaining populations of the rare dugong in Africa, as well as to whales, dolphins and several species of sea turtle. The coral reefs host a great variety of colourful fishes and corals. Over 140 species of bird have been identified in the archipelago.


The elegant, original yet relaxed design of the lodge, and its secluded location. Benguerra Island: white sand dunes, inland lakes, idyllic beaches and the stunning marine life of Bazaruto National Park. The boat excursion to Bazaruto Island with beach picnic is a must-do activity. Unaffected by the tides, the bay in front of the lodge is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.