Mowani Mountain Lodge


Nestled among gigantic granite rocks, it is an original design lodge in the heart of Damaraland. Under the same ownership is the nearby Camp Kipwe.


On top of a hill, seated among huge granite rocks, about 10 km from Twyfelfontein.


15 rooms, among them two suites, that all have private veranda and en-suite bathroom. Facilities include a swimming pool.


Visit to Twyfelfontein, to the Petrified Forest and to the Organ Pipes. Game drives in 4×4 open vehicles in search of desert elephants. Nature walks.


Especially the desert elephants, that move along the Huab and the Aba-Huab rivers, but also the most common species of antelope in Namibia, among them oryx, springbok, kudu and klipspringer.


The eco-design and the architecture of the lodge, perfectly integrated in the landscape. One of the most astounding sunsets in Namibia. The rock paintings and engravings of Twyfelfontein, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Game drives on the tracks of the rare desert elephants.