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Off-limits for years due to 1994 genocide, Rwanda has slowly opened up to tourism and in recent years has grown as a top emerging destination in Africa. The hospitality industry came a long way and now offers an eclectic mix of eco-lodges, boutique hotels and 5 stars hotel either family owned and run or, especially in the capital city Kigali, part of international groups. Choice and quality of accommodations vary a lot according to the region. The area of Volcanoes National Park, the most famous and visited park in Rwanda, has attracted major investments and offers quite a wide choice of accommodations, including some luxury eco-lodges such as Sabyinyo Silverback and Virunga. Throughout the rest of the country the choice is more limited and quality standards are generally lower.

A collection of the best camps

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Kigali Serena Hotel Kigali - From € 165 per person per night

An renowned five star hotel located in one of the capital's most vibrant boulevards.

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel Lake Kivu - From € 105 per person per night

Set amidst tropical gardens on the shores of Lake Kivu, it is a classic and elegant hotel that allows to relax on the beach and take part in many water activities.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge Nyungwe Forest National Park - From € 280 per person per night

Nestled in a tea plantation on the edge of the park, it is a modern lodge, intimate despite its size and blending well into the local environment.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge Volcanoes National Park - From € 470 per person per night

Located close to the park entrance, it is an elegant lodge, with a homely and contemporary atmosphere, offering awe-inspiring views of Virunga Mountains.

Virunga Lodge Volcanoes National Park - From € 475 per person per night

A comfortable eco-lodge set in a dramatic location at 2,200 mt overlooking the Virunga Mountains and the lakes Bulera and Ruhondo.

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