&Beyond Mnemba Island

Zanzibar Archipelago

An award-winning barefoot beach paradise set just off the North-eastern coast of Zanzibar Island.


On a private island surrounded by coral reefs off the North-eastern coast of Zanzibar Island.


12 spacious beachside bandas with private veranda and en-suite bathroom. Facilities include a dive center.


Scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fly fishing and deep sea fishing.


The coral reefs surrounding the island are home to a variety of reef fish, while whales, dolphins, sharks and rays are encountered in the ocean dephts. The island itself provides a nesting ground for the green turtle, as well as many bird species. Suni antelope and Ader’s duiker roam the forest in the centre of the island.


Taking only 20 guests, Mnemba is the epitome of privacy and exclusivity. The laid back atmosphere of the lodge, enhanced by its stylish, welcoming design. The magnificent beach setting and the house reef at swimming distance. Mnemba supports local communities and conservation. The perfect destination for honeymooners and a scuba divers’ delight.